The World's Longest Toilet Queue

Make a stand for sanitation & water!

Join a Guinness World Record attempt – and help solve a global crisis at the same time.

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A Guinness World Record

The World’s Longest Toilet Queue is an official Guinness World Record attempt for a Queue in multiple locations across the world across the same time period (20-22 March 2010). You could try to break the existing record for an individual Queue too (currently standing at over 868 people) or simply join us in setting this new record!

Be included in the attempt by following these simple rules:

  • Register your Queue online.
  • Have at least 25 people queuing from 10 minutes up to 24 hours in a public place
  • Have it take place on the 20-22 March 2010.
  • Have the Queue lead to a toilet – either real, mocked up or represented through a banner or picture.
  • Record each name and signature of your participants on a registration sheet (available here). There must be two witnesses present to counter sign the records. Send your sheets in, with the total amount of participants to End Water Poverty, 47-49 Durham Street, London, SE11 5NH, UK or scan them and email to info [at] worldtoiletqueue [dot] org.