The World's Longest Toilet Queue

Make a stand for sanitation & water!

Join a Guinness World Record attempt – and help solve a global crisis at the same time.

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Help to form the World’s Longest Toilet Queue and stand in solidarity with 2.5 billion people who are still waiting for their right to a safe toilet, and standing up for 4,000 children who die every day as a result.

Joining in is easy– just organise a group of people to queue up together for a toilet for at least ten minutes from 20 – 22 March 2010. The toilet can be real, fake, or even someone dressed up as one.

Make your Queue attention-grabbing, media-friendly, fun and politically meaningful. Get ideas on this website, in the toolkit and in the blog. You’ll also need to stick to a few important rules to be counted as part of the Guinness World Record attempt.

First steps in getting your Queue going is to register it here, then think where it could take place, who you’ll involve and how you might like to publicise it – although you only need 25 people to join in with the record.

When deciding about making your Queue politically meaningful, think about how you can involve politicians, or get people to take a political action like signing a petition or making a pledge.

The World’s Longest Toilet Queue is organised by three global networks, End Water Poverty, the Freshwater Action Network and the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council.